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Acephalous' first way of saying "Hear me..."

Goofy's Voice

Acephalous' second way of saying '"Hear me..."


Acephalous saying '"Have a heart...please.."'

Have a heart

Acephalous saying '"I thought you loved me..."


Acephalous saying '"Do you think, leaving me here, would prove anything?"


Acephalous saying '"I called for help..But you didn't listen"

I called for Help

Acephalous saying '"Give me salvation "


Acephalous unedited voice '"Hear me... , Hear me... , Give me salvation , I thought you loved me... , Do you think, leaving me here, would prove anything? I called for help..but you didn't listen , I'm still here , Have a heart, please "

Goofy Voice fixed

Acephalous saying '"I'm still here "


Acephalous' scream while attacking the player (Remastered 2.0)

ACL Screech
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