Not to be confused with TBmHC or TGsEE.

Buttons, or Triggers, are game mechanics from Five Nights at Treasure Island.


In the original demo, the buttons allow the player to do things such as skip or reset a night. These can be useful in situations such as when Photo-Negative Mickey resets your save during the title screen jumpscare.

The Buttons all have different effects on gameplay. For now, pressing the:

  • "O Button" will skip the player to 6 am.
  • "P Button" will reset the player's night.
  • "F12 Button" will minimize the game.
  • "F4" will make the game go into windowed mode.
  • "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Del" will jump the player straight to Night 3.
  • "F1 Button" will make the game turn white, and pressing it again will turn it back to normal.
  • "Ctrl Button" will instantly make Oswald appear in your room.


The Buttons can also be found in remastered 1.0.

  • "Alt Button" will greet the player with a Photo-Negative Mickey jumpscare.
  • Rapidly pressing the "Z Button" will make Suicide Mouse move.
  • "Backspace Button" will restart the game.
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