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Mickey Gameover

The game over screen. It shows Photo-Negative Mickey has taken off his head. Notice the thick yellow blood.

Deaths are a gameplay mechanic in Five Nights at Treasure Island. They are what occur when the player doesn't, or is too slow to, detour a suit by disabling a camera or they are caught Hiding under the desk. There are currently three deaths that can happen in-game, but there will be more death screens when the full game is released. Each of the enemies' attacks are always in the form of a jumpscare.


  • It has been confirmed that all suits will have their own jumpscare screams.


  • In every death animation the monitor can be seen being lowered, even if the player is not using the monitor.
    • This doesn't occur with deaths while hiding.
  • During The Face's jumpscare, one of his thumbs appears to be going through his upper jaw.
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