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It's a cringe, don't read it

Photo-Negative Minnie, MickMick and The Face were buried in Pirate Caverns. Everyone was very scared and upset by this tragic event, but fortunately the Undying mastered kung fu skills and could resurrect them, which he did by the way. As a result, The Face no longer stole bread, and everyone lived happily ever after until Oswald stole the cheese.



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JacksonLovesFnafALT JacksonLovesFnafALT 20 July 2021

Original Demo 1.4.0 DECOMPILED! AI Explanations, Common Misconceptions, etc.

As of recently, I have managed to decompile the planned 1.4.0 build of the Original Demo meant to be released in 2015 by AnArt1996. This post will clear up common misconceptions, and give some explanations on how the AI works.


Photo-Negative Mickey:

Photo-Negative Mickey’s AI is unique from the rest of the suits in that contrary to popular belief, he does not follow a set path…

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DuyGaming2020 DuyGaming2020 13 May 2021


This wiki need to block Cuphead and his alt.

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Welcome to the Five Nights at Treasure Island Wiki! Make sure to check the Wiki Rules before contributing!

Five Nights at Treasure Island is a game made by Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez which was inspired by both Abandoned by Disney by Christopher Howard Wolf, and Five Nights at Freddy's made by Scott Cawthon. The game was made for non-profit; made for fun, and features some of Disney's well beloved characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, and others like Oswald.

The Trailer

The Game

Read up on the Five Nights at Treasure Island game!

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Visit the suits page to learn all about the antagonists of the game!

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Study up on the various locations of Treasure Island!

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Game Links
  • Click here to download the latest Demo of the game.
  • Click here to visit the creator's DeviantArt.
  • Click here to download FNaTI 6.0.
  • Click here to download Oblitus Casa.
  • Click here to visit FNaTI 6.0 (as well as Oblitus Casa) Wiki.
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I need some quick help~

So I've been told a while back that Debya had a big mouth and yapped about me back in I thing September.

I have the page up and it's right here…

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Who should be a moderator?

Alrighty, I want a poll on who should be a moderator.

The last people that I "allowed" to be moderator, ended up blocking people becuase "they could".

Now I want to trust people. I don't know too many people who're on the wiki, but there are names that I see constantly. But that doesn't really mean a…

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How's about this fo-yas~

Alrighty, I think this would be a good idea, but I also think this might backfire somehow, but I wanna try it anyway~

I still have all the files on hand. All of the renditions, and all of the rooms and whatnot~

Now you guys will have to decide for me whether or not you want this to be a thing.

I could…

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