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  • LeTesla


    September 8, 2019 by LeTesla

    Just how is this Wiki still alive

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  • Totheark154

    For those who aren't aware, the new dev team that's officially completing FNaTI has abandoned this wiki, and have created a new one. It can be found here.

    Here's the post from the official GameJolt page to explain this further.

    "Hi followers!

    I'm sure the majority of you are aware of the old FNaTI wiki. Unfortunately, the team has decided against using that wiki for multiple reasons (…

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  • XxOswaldExeGamexX

    If You Havre Played Any Of My Fnaf Fan Games You Would Know Fnati Is One of The Insperations I Used A Well Known Character (My Favorite Character In Fnati) As The Main Character 


    Oswald Was Changed In Photoshop The Reason Is I Wanted Him To Look Cuter Less Scary Now He Is Know As Abandoned Oswald In Abandoned And Molded Oswald In Molded Image

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Welcome to the Five Nights at Treasure Island Wiki! Make sure to check the Wiki Rules before contributing!

Five Nights at Treasure Island is a game made by Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez which was inspired by both Abandoned by Disney by Christopher Howard Wolf, and Five Nights at Freddy's made by Scott Cawthon. The game was made for non-profit; made for fun, and features some of Disney's well beloved characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, and others like Oswald.

Game Links
  • Click here to download the latest demo of the game.
  • Click here to visit the creator's DeviantArt.
Night 1
Suicide Mouse message
The gang s all here by anart1996-d8p4nix
  • AnArt1996 Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez

    So I've been told a while back that Debya had a big mouth and yapped about me back in I thing September.

    I have the page up and it's right here…

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  • AnArt1996 Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez

    Alrighty, I want a poll on who should be a moderator.

    The last people that I "allowed" to be moderator, ended up blocking people becuase "they could".

    Now I want to trust people. I don't know too many people who're on the wiki, but there are names that I see constantly. But that doesn't really mean a…

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  • AnArt1996 Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez

    Alrighty, I think this would be a good idea, but I also think this might backfire somehow, but I wanna try it anyway~

    I still have all the files on hand. All of the renditions, and all of the rooms and whatnot~

    Now you guys will have to decide for me whether or not you want this to be a thing.

    I could…

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