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Species: Humanoid
Gender: Female
Color (s): White
Starting Location: CAM 2
First appearance: Night 5

God is an anonymous, unknown female figure that can be found in the downloadable minigame TBmHC. Upon inputting 777 + the first button on the left, an image will pop up depicting God staring at the player. Her official name is yet to be revealed, and it is unknown what her effect on gameplay will be. However, she will start in the Meat Freezer.



God is nothing more than a tall ghostly female humanoid with a white-grey colored body and empty black eyes.


In Remastered 3.0, God can rarely appear in the office. It is known to happen at 5 A.M. She might make a screeching noise. In Much Later Versions Of The Game, You Have To Hide To Get Her. She Disables Your Cameras Until You Hide.


God's start location has been confirmed to be the Meat Freezer, but the rest of her movement patterns are unknown.


  • God is one of three female enemies in the game, the other two being Photo-Negative Minnie and Daisy Duck.
  • According to Tia, Oswald and God are connected in some way.
  • God/Purity's story never got a chance to be written due to the cancellation of the game.
  • Her previous name was Slester, which stood for "Slender's Sister". It was, however, changed to God and Slester is now a different character (see Slester).
  • It was confirmed that God will not be returning in the 4.0 version of the game
  • Some of the transmissions include God talking about the toons/suits. Strangely, she mentions how they gave her a new body.
  • In a comment by AnArt1996 on his deviantart, in AnArt's story, God was supposed to be the only spirit/soul who was not inside any a suit.
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