• (The story and charachter's feelings towards each other adapts to your decision. To play, select an option then leave options for another reader to advance the story!)

    Jake starts his first night at Treasure Island and:

    A) Checks the meat locker.

    B) Checks the broadcasting room.

    C) Eats a burger.

    D) Reads a magazine.

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    • B) Checks the broadcasting room.

      Jake checks the broadcasting room.


      Not much to see there.


      A) Checks the meat locker.

      B) Eats a burger.

      C) Reads a magazine.

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    • B) (Jake believes the Broadcasting Room to be secure)

      However, when Jake bites into the burger, his mouth is filled with yellow liquid.


      A) Swallows the liquid.

      B) Spits the liquid out-----> studies the lquid .

      C) Spits the liquid out------> runs away.

      D )Involuntarly vomits.

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    • B) Spits the liquid out and studies the liquid.

      He notices that the liquid...

      A) Is disgusting

      B) Is chunky

      C) Is thick

      D) Has a similar density to blood

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    • D) (Jake will never want to eat a burger again in his life)

      Based on his observation, Jake:

      A) Runs to the nearest exit.

      B) Decides to investigate-----> Meat Locker.

      C) Decides to investigate ----> Lounge.

      D) Checks the Meat Locker camera.

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    • B) Decides to investigate the Meat Locker (actually Meat Freezer)

      On his way in, he discovers:

      A) Goofy's head looking at him

      B) Suicide Mouse

      C) Oswald watching him from Storage Room

      D) A trail of yellow blood leading to Character Prep 1

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    • B) (As he didn't check the Broadcasting Room frequently enough as he felt it was safe ^)

      Does Jake:

      A) Attack Suicide Mouse.

      B) Run.

      C) Sneaks out.

      D) Hides.

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    • D. Where does he hide

      A. In the Storage Room (not remembering Oswald)

      B. The lounge (not knowing that PN-Mickey is there)

      C. Pirate Caverns (not thinking about The Face and Undying)

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    • B. The Lounge

      While he is hiding he sees the same yellow liquid from his burger dripping on his hand. He then hears "Hey.. wanna see my head come off?"

      Does Jake:

      A) Look up.

      B) Run.

      C) Stay still.

      D) Tries to feel the floor for something to throw in the opposite direction.

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    • A.

      Jake sees PN Mickey, and runs to...

      M. The Office

      I. The Storage Room

      C. The Broadcasting Room

      K. The Meat Freezer

      E. Character Prep 1

      Y. He dosent run anywhere because he notices the code in this post.

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    • C. (As he assumes the at room to be safe)

      Jake then hears Sucide Mouse's jingle. (Jake's anxiety levels are now at 8.3)


      A) Runs again.

      B) Attacks Sucide Mouse.

      C) Stays still.

      D) Screams for help.

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    • A) Runs again.

      Where does he run to (again)

      A) The Office (With Donald in it)

      B) Pirate Caverns (With The Face at the entrance)

      C) Off this freaking island and into the water, which is a way better way to die than getting owned by disney suits.

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    • A.

      Jake felt like he was safe, hovever PN Mickey enters.

      Does Jake:


      B. Shut off a different cam(donald dosent go away however)

      C. Throw his old burger at PN Mickey

      E. Ask who removed D

      F. Hide under his desk

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    • A.

      PN Mickey leaves the room. However, Jake is starving to death, and notices a burger on the floor. 

      Does Jake:

      A) Neglect it due to his past experience and continues to starve.

      B) Eats it ---> Burger is normal.

      C) Eats it ----> Burger has more yellow liquid, yet he continues to eat.

      D) Eats it----> Burger has more yellow liquid and he spits it out and continues to starve.

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    • B

      He eats it then he taste a yellow liquid and his tongue becomes yellow what he will do?

      A.Run like a crazy guy AHHHH

      B.Calls a Doctor

      C.Dont care and keep working


      E.Kiss PN MINNIE

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    • B. 

      Of course, all he hears is "Welcome To Disney's Treasure Island! Brought to you by the happiest Corporation on Earth! We are so sorry to inform you that an operational infirmary has not yet been implemented. However, you can find complimentary medical kits in the lounge. Remember, Disney is not responsible for any deaths/injuries/chemical harm. Disney Corp, building more fun.

      Does Jake:

      A) Decide to take his chances in the lounge.

      B) See if it was just mustard that he ate.

      C) Attack Donald first, then go to lounge.

      D) Attack Donald first, then stay.

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    • A.

      He decides to take his chance to get to the lounge, as he goes there he notices PN-Mickey is standing next to the sofa but he is looking away.

      Does he:

      A) Try attacking PN-Mickey

      B) Take risks and get to the medical supply

      C) Stay out of that room

      D) Sneak up to him

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    • B.

      Jake manages to take the Medical Supplies, however he alerts PN Mickey and Suicide Mouse enters the room.

      Does Jake:

      A) Attack PN Mickey.

      B) Attack Suicide Mouse.

      C) Run away with the weight of the supplies.

      D) Drops the supplies and runs.

      E) Attempts to inject the medication now.

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    • C)

      Jack sucefully dodge all PN Mickey's and Suicide Mouse's attacks and gets inside the office then heals himself...but PN Mickey and Suicide Mouse followed me...Does he?

      A) Attack the two suits

      B) Try to be friends with them ====> Dead

      C) Try to be friends with them ====> Stays alive

      D) Cry like a children

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    • A.

      He finds a lighter and a hair dryer and burns Suicide Mouse, yet misses PN Mickey and it burned two unmonitored (Disney and their budget cuts) oil barrels and a power junction. 

      Does Jake:

      A) Run for his life.

      B) Find a place to hide.

      C) Make sure that he burns PN Mickey.

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    • C) Jake decides to not be a coward and burn PN Mickey

      Jake charges at PN.Mickey but all of the suits burst inside before he could burn PN.Mickey...


      A) Runs like a baby

      B) Accept his death ====> Dead

      C) Accept his death ====> The suits decides to be nice

      D) ...Suicide because fuck it

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    • A.

      As he leaves, the explosion goes off and the suits scatter.

      He wakes up in a room engulfed in flames. He sees a door, yet he isn't sure if it is locked or not. Suddenly, the intercom turns on and a male voice says. "Use the escape ladder above you. It's a shitty climb, but W.A.L.T.E.R says it should be stable. I usually wouldn't trust the computer, especially being from Disney, but you should do it.

      Does Jake:

      A) Go for the door

      B) Go for the ladder.

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    • A) Jake makes a rush for the door and tries to slam it open...faceplant on the locked door...

      The suit has come back and blocked the ladder...



      B) Accept his death ====> Dead

      C) Accept his death ====> The suits decides to be nice

      D) Run into another direction

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    • A) 

      Jake makes it to the ladder, yet Pluto jumps and bites his leg. Jake escapes with a wounded leg.

      The ladder takes him into vents that leads to the Meat Frezzer. Suddenly hears the man again.

      "Dammit I told you to take the ladder. Whatever just make your way to us, we are in the office. My name is Greg, by the way and at least I know who much of a dumbass you are."

      Does Jake:

      A) Say thanks for helping.

      B) Tell him something profane.

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    • A), "Thanks, appreciate your help. But a Pluto costume bit my leg and it is hurtin' bad." he calls. However, this results in the suits hearing him and becoming more alert and active. Does he get out of the ventilation, accept death, or does he do his best to get to the Office?

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    • Greg doesnt care about your leg

      Greg:maybe you can heal it by yourself i dont care

      Jake:But But

      Greg:No but but MR.

      Jake is mad what would he do?

      A.Kick and Stomp Greg

      B.Kills Greg with illuminatio power /0\

      C.Yell on Greg

      D.Kiss Lisa

      E.Goes away from Greg

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    • D) He decides to kiss Lisa...But he just realized....SHE'S NOT THERE...

      Does Jake

      A) Kick and Stomp Greg

      B) Tries to kill Greg with illuminati powers but fails and dies

      C) Yell on Greg

      D) Go away from Greg because yolo

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    • B)...

      Jakes uses his illuminati power and fails then dies like a boss...

      (What next?)

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    • Jake wakes up. Lisa has brought him back to life. 

      "Hey Jake, sorry about Greg. He's kinda a dick, but I think we would all be with our situation. Look, Disney has been trying to shut this place down for years. The poured a lot of money into this place; they even implemented a suggestions box. But that box only brought rumors and all sorts of bad shit. People complained about the Broadcasting Room TV, guns, PN Minnie, etc. The last straw was when the "Tomorrowland on Treasure Island" failed, costing them a lot of money. Poor W.A.L.T.E.R was the computer that ran that place, now he just sits and controls the fantasia bots. Some people say that Disney hid stuff here, but we know better. We seem to be the only ones here, but there where so many many disappearances. That's why we have got to kill that PN Mickey fucker. But you are the only one who can execute our plan. Are you in?


      A) Accept.

      B) Decline.

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    • A) Accept

      Jake accepts the offer and they walk inside Treasure Island like bosses...They see PN.Mickey still in the office...They...

      A) Run like Cowards

      B) Grab the knife and stab stab stab PN.Mickey ====> Fail

      C) Grab the knife and stab stab stab PN.Mickey ====> WIN

      D) Get rekt by Donald's earrape

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    • D.

      PN Mickey runs off into the security/suit workshop room.

      Jake 👨"I didn't know that room existed"

      Lisa 👱"Rooms, One of Disney's budget cuts. We may be able to use it to our advantage, but we have to shut this Duck up before our ears explode."

      Jake 👨 "Wait, he may attract the other suits. We can run and they can be brought here."

      Does Jake:

      A) Step on Donald.

      B) Run away.

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    • A) Step on Donald

      He steps on Donald only to break his foot...Donald jumps away, scared....They ear footsteps, meaning the suits are coming for them...Jake and Lisa...

      A) Try to hide

      B) Try to fight (it will fail)

      C) Run out of the building

      D) Faint

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    • A.

      As Jake is hiding in a locker, black liquid oozes into the locker floor. Oswald is outside.🐰

      Can Jake

      A) Hold his breath long enough for Oswald to leave.😷

      B) Breathe and get caught. ( Then saved by Lisa)😨

      C) Breathe and get caught, yet fights back.😡

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    • A)

      Oswalds leaves...Jack comes out of the locker and searches for Lisa that was hidding in the bathroom...but at that moment Goofy's body went inside...


      A) Go rekt Goofy

      B) Run away

      C) Hide again

      D) ....Diabeetus...again

      (The choices B,C and D will kill Lisa and affect the story)

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    • A. (Lisa is alive)

      👱: "Wow Jake, you wrecked his assistant."

      👨: "Uh, thanks."

      👱: "Anyways, you have to go into the security rooms and lure PN Mickey in there. Lockdown the area and meet me at the Suit Workshop desk, we can then escape through the Character Prep."

      👮: "and I will talk the kid through it, so that he doesn't screw up again."

      Does Jake:

      A) Punch Greg and goes to start the lockdown.

      B) Kiss Lisa and goes to start the lockdown.

      C) Goes to start the lockdown.

      (Will affect story.)

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    • B) Kiss Lisa and and quickly go starts the lockdown while Lisa blushes madly

      Jake walks inside the security rooms and to make lots of noises he :

      A) Jumps like crazy

      B) Plays a raging game so that he screams of rage loud enough

      C)...."I have no idea how to breath"

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    • B.

      PN Mickey shows up and is close to Junction 1A, which takes the least amount of time to lock. Junction 2B Takes an average amount of time to lock and has flashing lights and alarms during the procedure. Junction 3C takes the longest amount of time yet is farthest from PN Mickey.

      Which Junction does he shut down first.




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    • He shuts down 3C...But PN.Mickey takes a step closer and is about to enter...

      Wich Junction does he shut down next



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    • 1A.

      Yet PN Mickey hears his footsteps and walks closer.

      "Kid!" Greg yells through his radio. "I can tell you what to do to keep from getting caught!"

      Greg's voice is attracting PN Mickey.

      Does Jake:

      A) Listen to Greg.

      B) Turn his Radio off.

      C) Lower the volume.

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    • A) He listens to Greg

      Greg tells him that he must close the door 2B first...and it's in that moment...Jake realized...He fucked up...


      B) Pray that god helps him

      C) ...Throw something huge behind PN.Mickey and close 2B

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    • C) ...throws something huge behind PN Mickey and closes 2B.

      "Now that you've closed door 2B first, you have to..."

      A) "...close 1A."

      B) "...close 3C."

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    • (The three doors are already closed xp)

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    • [ Yes, but Greg doesn't know that ]

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    • (Well then)


      Greg tells jake to close the door 1A but Jack tell him "THAT ALL OF THE DOORS ARE CLOSED....Jack :


      B) Custom

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    • 1A (3C was already shut) (Also Greg will remember his loyalty.)

      Greg heads over to 1A and locks it. He then makes it over to 4D and locks it from the other side (it was the final junction and it is connected to the Character Prep.)

      "Good, we got him" Lisa said. She was already in the Character Prep. However, as Jake started walking, the entire Juction locked down (ALL doors and vents were shut.) Alarms began to ring. "W.A.L.T.E.R has detected a robbery. Disney Corporation will not tolerate this. Remain where you are for apprehension." 

      👱"Shit, Walt locked the place down! I can get you out, but it will lift the lockdown and let PN Mickey out!"

      What does Jake say?

      A) Go ahead.

      B) Fuck, keep this place locked. I'll find a way.

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    • A) ....Go ahead....We'll bring weapons later....

      Lisa stops the lockdown and Jake runs out of here...throwing a brick at PN.Mickey's face causing his head to fall down...


      A) Laughs at PN.Mickey while Lisa facepalms

      B) Run out of here, Kiss Lisa and run away

      C) Custom

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    • [ What's up with kissing Lisa? o_e ]

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    • (Idk...People shiping Jake and Lisa...idk...)

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    • B. But he doesn't run. 

      Greg: What the bell happened?

      Lisa: (finishes smooching) We had to lift the lockdown, Jake would have been trapped!

      Greg: YOU LET IT OUT? 

      Lisa: We had too!

      Greg: Don't you remember Henry! ...Greg, Lisa. We cannot let this happen again. I have a plan B. As you know, Disney suffered great money loses here, especially with the rumors and missing people. But, their biggest loss was Tomorowland at Treasure Island. Most of it is underground, but their is the EPCOT space program that is on the surface. It's a failed observatory, the reason being that it's main attraction was a capsule that could launch you into space. The problem was that the capsule would disintegrate before you reach atmo. If PN Mickey was in there....

      Jake says:

      A) Let's burn that fucker.

      B) What about W.A.L.T.E.R?

      C) Who is Henry?

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    • A) Let's burn PN.Mickey because everyone hates him

      (Idk next xD)

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    • (Jake didn't mention Henry, which spared Lisa and Greg's feelings)

      Greg: Okay Jake, the fastest way to EPCOT is through the Broadcasting Room. However, Suicide Mouse is there, and I think he won't be so kind after you burned him back in the infirmary. Oh, and I would stay away from that TV, it acted up a lot before.

      What does Jake say:

      A) No big deal.

      B) Why is it called Suicide Mouse?

      C) Hell no! Is there another way to get there?

      D) Anything from above + send Lisa my love.

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    • B)

      Greg said to Jack that he can use....his fingers has a weapon and that if he kills himsel infront of somebody, that person may want to kill himself few seconds later's the suicide


      A) "Oh...."

      B) Meh...#yolostyle

      C) ...Derp and "I have no idea how to breath"

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    • A.

      Jake enters the Broadcasting Room, the room is flooded with black liquid. The only light source is the television. He can hear a faint song increasing in volume. Jake can't see the door, but he can hear Suicide Mouse.

      Does Jake:

      A) Attempt to feel for a door.

      B) Go against Greg's advice and attempt to increase the TV's brightness.

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    • A) He attempts to feel a door

      Jake follows the wall hoping to find the door before Suicide Mouse sees him...He finishes bumping into him...Now Jack

      A) Panics and has an heart attack

      B) ...Amen...

      C) Ignore Suicide Mouse and keep searching

      D) Attack da Mouse

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    • D.

      When he does he notices that Suicide Mouse's face is melting away from earlier. He finally finds a door and leaves. Greg is happy that Jake showed loyalty.

      Jake is now in EPCOT, a large, yet short circular room with a building in the middle and a launcher at the far end.

      "Okay, there are two levers you need to hit to start the launch sequence. Lever Q1 is closest from your current location and lever Q2 is farthest from your closest location. When either is primed, the noise the generator makes will attract PN Mickey, then you need to prime the other and wait for further instruction."

      Which lever does Jake prime first.

      Lever Q1

      Lever Q2

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    • Lever Q1

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    • The building hums to life.

      "Hello esteemed travelers to Project Epcot here at Treasure Isand. Part of the Tomorrowland on Treasure Island attraction. Please wait for a Disney employee to launch you on your epic orbital journey! Also be sure to check out Pirate Caverns and Chip and Dale's water adventure!"

      With the noise, PN Mickey appears. Jake has to go to the other side of the room to turn on switch Q2. 

      Will Jake:

      A) Attack and run.

      B) Sneak around the room's main circular hall.

      C) Cut through the inner buildings.

      D) Stay put and wait for PN Mickey to wander around the room.

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    • B)

      Jake attemps to sneakly pass PN.Mickey as he starts wandering to find who pulled the lever...


      A) Makes a run for Lever Q2

      B) Suicide


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    • A.

      Jake successfully pulls the lever.

      Jake makes his way back to the exit when suddenly, the doors shut.

      Greg: "I'm sorry Jake."

      Suddenly, the lights go off and the place is flooded with smoke. Alarms go off and strobe lights bathe the room in blue.

      "Danger. Unknown contaminant in EPCOT. Quarantine is now in session....directive Q:93 received. Emergency ejection now in action."

      Jake: "Greg, you fucking bastard!, you are going to launch the whole building to burn in atmo!"

      The building is now rocketing skyward and Jake needs to escape, fast.

      Does Jake:

      A) Go for one of the space capsules to launch himself back to the Island (60 seconds to prime).

      B) Pry the exit and attempt to jump out on his own into the water (90 seconds)

      Keep in mind that PN Mickey is around.

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    • A) Go for one of the space capsules to launch himself back to the island.

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    • A)

      He runs towards one of the capsules but PN.Mickey stands in his way...he has now 30 seconds to join the capsules

      A) Jake attack mickey (and looses 10 seconds)

      B) Jake dodge mickey (and looses 5 seconds)

      C) Amen (Death)

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    • B.

      The capsule successfully launches back into the Island and EPCOT burns in orbit and kills PN Mickey (Don't try and reanimate him please, it will be worth it at the end.)

      Jake walks out and realises that he is in Tomorrowland in Treasure Island. 

      "Greg, you bastard, I'm back."

      However, Lisa picks up.

      "Jake? Oh god, Jake W.A.L.T.E.R is attacking us, he sent the fantasia bots out onto the rest of the Island and they have Greg! Worst of all, they are working with the rest of the suits.....especially the unknowns. Help me!"

      Does Jake say

      A) What the hell is wrong with W.A.L.T.E.R?

      B) Fuck Greg.

      C) I'm coming, don't worry.

      D) Where are you?

      You can also describe what the Fantasia Bots look like. IDK.

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    • A)

      Jake : "What the hell is wrong with W.A.L.T.E.R???"

      (idk what to put)

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    • Lisa: He was always quirky, but he would never attack a person, it's against Disney it. Anyways, come on.

      As Jake moves to Lisa, he encounters Pluto and a Fantasia Bot. Pluto remembers Jake's taste and he wants more.

      What does Jake do.

      A) Attack Pluto first.

      B) Attack the Fantasia Bot first.

      C) Run.

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    • A) Attack Pluto like a bews

      JACK DOES A 360 HIGH QUICK IN PLUTO'S FACE...Pluto was so amazed that he self destruced himself then Jack gets ride of the Fantasia Bot...(idk what next xd)

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    • Jake is happy that Pluto is gone.

      Does Jake:

      A) Examine the Fantasia Bot as it was hard to fight.

      B) Examine the Fantasia Bot for clues as to why WALTER would attack.

      C) Head over to Lisa.

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    • B)

      He examibes the bot to find clues about why WALTER would do this...Lucy walks closer to Jake because she doesn't feel safe...(idk xD)

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    • (Who the hell is Lucy?)

      Jake learns that they are all connected to WALTER by a insta-kill chip on the back of their necks. This is a helpful tip that Jake has learned.

      He makes his way to Lisa, who has moved to the Tech Workshop. He enters to find a Fantasia Bot attacking Lisa(60 seconds).

      Does he:

      A) Hit it in the neck with his hands (won't work, but will distract the bot and hurt his hand).

      B) Look for something to hit it in the neck with. (Will work, but it takes 30 seconds off)

      C) Cause a distraction and attempts A

      D) C+B

      F) Cause a distraction and hide.

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    • (Woops...I meant Lisa....Stoopid me...Stoopid Bacon..But meh)

      B) He quickly grabs a pipe and hit it really hard on the bot's neck...

      Now Lisa :

      A) Hugs Jack

      B) Kiss Jack

      C) Do nothing

      D) Is dead

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    • B

      They notice the bot choke on it's own black blood.

      "Listen, Jake. You have to get into the heart of Tomorrowland at Treasure Island and get WALTER to lift the lockdown and cease the attack. You need to get to The terminal deep in the underground server hub before you get there, though. There will be Bots everywhere. You don't have a lot of time."

      Does Jake:

      A) Leave instantly.

      B) Kiss Lisa (Spending 1 minute).

      D) Leave blowing a kiss (5 Seconds).

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    • B) He kisses Lisa

      He says to Lisa that he will be back and starts sprinting towards the heart of Tomorrowland (idk xd)

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    • No NSFW! >:(

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    • (Meh...I didn't chose it xD)

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    • As he makes his way into the server hub, he encounters Five Bots.

      Does Jake

      A) Sneak past them.

      B) Attacks them--->succeeded due to his knowledge.

      C) Attacks and Fails.

      D) Causes a distraction and does any of the three above.

      Also what does Keebler mean by NSFW?

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    • (Well...There was : "Do 'it' with Lisa..."THIS IS NSFW)

      B) Attacks them

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    • Jake makes it to the server hub. There he hears gurgling sound and he finds Greg, with thick black blood pouring from him. 

      "You are a bot!"

      Greg: " the (gurgles) had our (gurgles) differences....but when the bots took me........I or......Lisa.....lived.....then (gurgles) I would want throughout the server memory of......Henry.

      Jake says:

      A) Thanks Greg, you're okay.

      B) Thanks, jackass.

      C) Who is Henry?

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    • A) Thanks Greg, You're okay even thought your a jerk

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    • Lisa overheard that on the radio and is proud of Jake and Greg dies happy.

      Jake makes his way into the core. 

      "Lisa here, I'm heading to pirate caverns to..(radio breaks up)

      Jake: "Lisa, no it's dangerous!"

      Lisa: No time to argue, WALTER is split into two hemispheres. The left is inhabited by Undying and the right is inhabited by The Unkown White Figure. Both of them are deadly and both sides have a lot of Bots."

      Jake decides to go:

      A) Left Hemisphere.

      B) Right Hemisphere.

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    • Who is Henry? (joke, I know who Henry is)

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    • B) Right

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    • In the Right Hemisphere, the lights are dimmer as the walls are painted white. Across the ceiling "Abandoned By God" is written. Jake encounters a bot in an office.

      Does he:

      A) Hit it.

      B) Sneak.

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    • A) He hits the bot's neck silently

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    • The bot dies, yet The Unknown White Figure is approaching. Does Jake,

      A) Run.

      B) Hide.

      C) Fight back.

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    • C)

      He does a 360 backflip high kick in the UWF's face and kills her

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    • Jake enters the Core. The room is pitch black with only one source of light, a computer. It reads


      I was abandoned by my mother and father.  I wasn't yet breathing.  A kind woman covered me with clothes,  Kept me and looked after me,  Cuddled me as close as if I had been her own child.  Under that covering I grew and grew.  I was unkind to my adopted brothers and sisters.  This lovely woman fed me  Until I was big enough to set out on my own.  She had fewer of her own dear sons and daughters because she did so.

      You get ten tries.

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    • .......Oswald?

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    • Oh, what is the mother

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    • ......UWT...Or God's wife

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    • 8 more tries (Jake will get in either way.....I just want see if you get the riddle.)

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    • (I can't...I iz stoopid)

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    • A cuckoo bird.

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    • Oswald sat there asleep and Jake....

      A) woke him up and told him he wants be friends with him (death) B) woke him up and told him he wants to be friends with him (no death)

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    • I leave for a few days and things go apeshit.....where were we?

      Oh hey! Someone answered the riddle.

      Jake enters WALTER's dome and uses the terminal at the center.

      Does Jake:

      A) Tell him to lift the lockdown.

      B) Ask for info.

      C) Asks what the date is.

      D) Start with hi.

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    • Extra option E) Asks WALTER for a long of employees.

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    • B. Jake ask for info, but WALTER recuses.



      B) Kicks him

      C) Grabs Donald and makes him quack onto WALTER's ear.

      D) Go lift the lockdown himself

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    • A) Get that MOFO!

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    • Jake grabs a barbed wire baseball bat and destroys that MOFO. Too bad he destroyed the teminal instead.

      Lisa:Jake, what happened? The signal from the terminal's gone!




      Lisa: Your pathetic Jake. I don't know why I ever liked you in the first place. Now the only chance you have to reedeem yourself is by going to the Left Hemisphere. If you manage to get to the terminal there and NOT destroy it, then MAYBE i;ll give you a second chance. But for now, get your *ss over to the Left Hemisphere!

      A) Suicide knowing that Lisa hates you

      B) Head over to the Left Hemisphere

      C)Take the Glass Elevator to WALTER'S secret lair where he keeps all his secret info in a giant file folder.(Password required HINT:The answer to the riddle)

      D)Destroy the dome with an RPG, parachutes onto a jetski, jetski's to where Lisa is, give her a kiss, get slapped and almost shot at by her, then take a jetpack back up to the dome.

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    • C) Take the glass elevator.

      When he gets to the top, he

      A) Finds riddle answer

      C) Tells Lisa where he is

      D) Takes all of the Top secret files (Including riddle answer) and runs back down via elevator

      C) Pull out his iPod and sings Bad to the Bone

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    • C2. Before he has a chance to take out his iPod. Photo-Negative Mickey's shade emerges from the darkness. What does he do?

      A. Attack Jake

      B. Summon the suits

      C. Make Jake wake up (this will result in the past actions being a dream)

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    • c)

      Jake awakens and sees a pack of weed on his desk along with a stick of it in his mouth, partially used. He flips up the monitor and sees:

      A) broadcasting room, where suicide mouse is singing Rock City B) the meat freezer, where he sees the PN suits and the face eating ham sandwiches C) the bathroom, where he sees Oswald, Goofy, and Undying taking a massive dump

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    • A.

      Jake is so scared his chair falls over. He is then:

      L. Attackt by PN Mickey

      O. Taken to the hospitak

      L2. Able to find the pattern

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    • E.O. (Extra Option) Wakes tied up with Greg and Lisa in Pirate Caverns w/ all suits & huminoids (human-like suits).

      "Why are you doing this", Jake yells. "Because master wants to see you", says all the suits. The master shows itself. TO BE CONTINUED...

      Who is the master?

      A. Undying

      B. Henry

      C. Suiside Mouse

      See ya next time!

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    • (BTW, anyone can choose the next part, but here's my decision.)


      "Henry, what are you do-" said Greg. But he was cut off from Henry kicking him."Know what Greg? I'm sick of hearing your crap." says an annoyed Henry. He then looks over to Jake. "Honestly, I don't know why you wanted to help them. Why? Because I was an intern too! When I got lost in these caverns, they didn't even look for me!" says Henry. Suddenly, a suit whispers into Henry's ear. Henry smiles as he says, "Hey, I'll make a deal with you. You can leave the island, but Greg and Lisa die. Or, me and you have a one-on-one death match. If you win, the three of you can leave. But if you lose, you all die.

      What does Greg do?

      A. Leaves Greg and Lisa.

      B. Agrees to fight.

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    • B) Agrees to fight.

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    • One of the Suits tosses a bloody knife to Henry and a broken baseball bat to Jake. Henry rushes to Jake with the blade pointed to the neck, but Jake jumps out of the way, but lands on his foot causing it great pain. Henry then jumps towards Jake, but Jake manages to roll under him and smack him in the back, making him drop his knife. Jake picks up the knife and slams it into the back of Henry's head. Henry drops dead, and the Suits gasp with surprise. "Alright, I won. Now let my friends go!", Jake demands. "I'm sorry, but we double-crossed a little with that." Jake, Greg, and Lisa then turns with surprise to see the real master is: A) Undying B) Unknown White Figure C) Suicide Mouse Pick your choice and see what happens.

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    •  A) Undying

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    • A) Undying.

      Jake was shocked as the slick, red figure made himself visible. "I'm Undying, and I'm the mastermind behind everything. The Suits, Henry's behavior, everything is under my command. "Ugh, what happened", Henry moaned as he woke up. This was followed moments later by a bloodcurdling scream from feeling the knife in his head. "Anyway, it's time you joined us. Suits, grab him and hold him down", Undying demanded. The Suits rushed towards him, but Jake knocked them back with his bat. He then rushed to Undying, bat pointed to his head. However, Jake missed. Undying then knocks Jake back, knocking him out. "Jake, no", Greg and Lisa yelled. That was the last thing he heard before he blacked out.

      "Are you awake yet", a mysterious voice asks. It sounds female, but that's beside the point. Jake then wakes up to not only see a female white figure, like a mannequin. Then, Jake finds out he:

      Choose the next part, and see you there! A) Is tied up with Greg and Lisa in. B) Is wearing a white and blue costume.

      If you choose B, then there will be one more part. But if you choose A, then you must choose where they're tied up in.

      1.) Office 2.) Broadcasting Room 3.) Another room in Pirate Caverns

      See you next part!

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    • B) Jake is wearing a white and blue costume.

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    • B. 

      what do they do next:

      A) Nothing

      Cam2 minnie brightened


      B) Something to do with stopping imagination run wild

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      A. those are clouds. me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


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    • A FANDOM user
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