• Mickey is lying in the Character Prep room and hears that there is a new intern.                          Will Mickey...                                                                                                                                     (A) Get up and start to make his way to the office.                                                                           (B) Tell Donald to teleport to the office.                                                                                             (C) Ask Jake if he wants to see his head come off for spooks.

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    • A) Photo-Negative Mickey makes his way throught the office, where the new Intern, Jake Smith, is it.



      A) Throws a burger at Photo-Negative Mickey

      B) Shuts off Bathrooms cam

      C) Hides under the desk


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    • A) photonegative mickey gets pissed and kills jake

      what will he do

      A)touch a potato


      C)say "what the hell am i  doing" and run

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    • A

      PN Mickey touches the potato then it randomly disappears.

      What will PN Mickey do next?

      A- Go back to the Character Prep Room.

      B- Wonder why he touched the potato and why it disappeared.

      C- Go to the Broadcasting Room.

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    • A there is my FNAF OC in there (Alonzo the rattlesnake) and Shrek are fighting what happens?

      A Alonzo bites Shreks frontal lobe and Shrek dies

      B Alonzo bites Shreks frontal lobe but his fangs break off in Shreks brain making Shrek mentally disabled

      C Shrek clamps Alonzo's mouth shut and kicks his head

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    • B the now mental shrek

      A summons freddy fazbear

      B call on the powers of ReTaRd C call the FNAF 2 and FNAF 3 cast to battle FNATI

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    • C NOW WHAT?

      A Mickey runs away

      B Mickey remembers Shrek is disabled so he uses it to distract Shrek

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    • Tyrannosaurus dude11 wrote:
      C NOW WHAT?

      A Mickey runs away

      B Mickey remembers Shrek is disabled so he uses it to distract Shrek


      • A   mickey dies but gets reincarnited
      • B   SHREK--CEPTION
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    • A. He becomes Jelly. Now what?

      A. Play gta5

      B. Eat his own kind AKA a PBJ sandwich

      C. Become a Jelly God that makes jellies for jellies because that's what a jelly God does.

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    • C: Mickey asks Min Min to taste the jelly. Min Min..

      A:Slaps Mick

      B:Tastes the jelly and randomly dies

      C:Walks away

      D:Shoves the jelly in Mick's mouth to make sure he didn't poison it.

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    • D. He ate an innocent Jelly. The Jelly god punishes Min-Min. Mickey now experiments on Jellies. What kind of experiments?

      A. Edible jelly production through Jellies

      B. Dying jellies orange to make Kwebbelkop Jellies

      C. Using Jellies as military weapons by inflicting poison into them.

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    • C. He makes a jelly-zooka and fills it with jelly. Now Mick

      A.Hunts down Donald for being annoying

      B.Hunts down THE FACE because he thinks T.F. is a copy cat

      C.Hunts down Pluto for some dang reason

      D. Hunts down Min-Min for revenge

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    • B. He succeeds. Mickey goes on a rampage and kills them all. Then, he sacrifices himself to the Jelly gods.


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    • Well, that was fast.

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    • What  if mickey failed?

      Mickey fails and the face kills him then kills himself.

      BAD END

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    • D. PLOT TWIST!

      Mickey was invincible and didn't die. He got out of the volcano and kicked the Jelly gods in it because he's badass. Then:

      A. Plan A

      B. Plan B

      C. Plan C


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    • A then Mickey sees Disebodied and This Randomly Happens: (look at the gif)

      What Should you do?

      A. Let Goofy Kill Jake

      B. Remove Donald from Goofy and tell goofy to find his head in the Meat Freezer

      C. Go see Your Friend Oswald

      D. Custom

      Goofy Running-0

      Mickey was late.

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