• PN Mickey: Force the protagonist to look up, and punch his face too fast so his head can fall off.

    Oswald: Step on the protagonist, raise his foot, and lower it too fast that the protagonist will die.

    Face: Bite and stap on the protagonist.

    Goofy: Strangle the protagonist.

    DONALD: He won't jumpscare the player. 

    DAISY: She doesn't jumpscare, much like DONALD.

    Suicide Mouse: Same tactic like DONALD and DAISY.

    Willy: Step on the protagonist's neck.

    Mickmick: Drop the head of the protagonist.

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    • Suicide Mouse : Rips the player's face in half.

      Undying : Rips the player's face off.

      God : Who the flip knows?

      Slester : Impales the player's skull on it's spike.

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    • god: banishes them

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    • A FANDOM user
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