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Unknown Cam 2 is not an official name. Presently, there is no official term for it, so Unknown Cam 2 will be used until the creator publicly releases the official term.
Unknown Cam 2
Camera: CAM 9
Suits: Daisy Duck

Unknown Cam 2 also known as CAM 9 and Character Prep 2 by the users, is an upcoming location in the game Five Nights at Treasure Island. There seems to be a bare concrete floor, and a Grenada Mickey Mouse poster on the wall. There is a window with iron bars, and a full moon can be seen outside. Also, some leaves from a tree can be seen outside. There is a small table with a box and a normal Mickey head on it. Daisy Duck starts under the table in this room. This room was not included in the recent "final version" of the game.


On the AnArt's Game files a misterious figure can be seen running through the window of the room. It's unknown if the suit will be in the game or not.

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