Five Nights at Treasure Island

I won't be posting the whole game until it's finished.
The betas will be given to the PuritySinners, then to the public, but it won't be announced as a "big" thing~
I'm going to update everything~ It is a remastered~
Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez (after being asked what will be updated in FNaTI: Remastered)
All custom nights and custom-custom nights will still be added, along with the eight nights
[Infinite night is] for high score purposes~ it's like playing in waves~ there'll be wave one, wave two, and so on~
[Their AIs will slowly go up and more characters will become active with each wave] and to a point, there will technically (in the way the code just keeps getting harder) have an end.


The name [Slester]'s actually grown on me... Slester... sounds very demonic for some reason.
Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez (he will be giving it to another character)

Suits in general

I honestly gave there names as placeholders~ But since the names grown on me, I kinda left them the way they were
Suicide Mouse is technically suppose to be an easter egg that only pops up from time to time. But the last remastered was suppose to test if he works well with the code


And with the TGsEE, there are still articles that you guys have yet to find~ Mostly because of the "b" command
Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez (he is referring to the "B" showing up in the list of codes.)


I've actually liked how peeps try to picture [the humans]. I'd leave them blank for the sake of the mystery, but at the same time, this isn't even an official game on it's own, so yee, I can [draw them]~


[Hiding]'s made for [being crucial to surviving one of the characters and a last chance thing], yes.


Having a game with only one mechanic isn't really a good game. There will be three different types of ways you can keep yourself from dying. One would be shutting off a cam. Two would be hiding under a table. And a third on would be turning off the power as a whole.
I found that if you give a player to switch off the power as a whole, it will also lead to different ways to survive, thus giving them a new way to strategize their way for survival.
You can turn the power back on, but much like everything else in life, if you turn on a huge electric service, it will take a while to warm up.
I haven't worked out the kinks yet, but I want a way were you can play with the power on, and play with the power off. Which means you'll need something that is powered by batteries.
The cams will be harder to turn back one by one, which means, at one point, you'll run out of them. And relying on hiding under the table shouldn't be something to rely on when you're starting the night, so then turning off the power is a last resort so you can buy time for the cams to turn back on
In [11/20] mode, I think turning off the power is a necessity.
The power should take a good two minutes to come back on~
I think it'd be at least an hour an a half [in-game]
There will be a switch that I'll add in~ And with one click of the button, you'll be able to switch it all off


Stories and their relation to FNaTI

Peeps keep telling me about the gascots, but I never read the creepypasta~
Oh no, the gascots may not be in there.. buuuuuuuuuut if I can find a way, then maybe~

Suits in general

[The Face] was kinda like a modeling error~
I might have to voice suicide mouse's thing~


The white figure is not slester, but I do plan on putting slester in the game~



Hallucinations were actually suppose to be in the [1.3.1] update for the earlier game. ..but it had to be postponed

Five Nights at Treasure Island

Oh no, I didn't take [the title screen jumpscare] out. I used the glitchy thing as a "placeholder". I was suppose to make an even better jumpscare for the remaster
I'm going to introduce something in the game that no one's seen before on the trailer
And it relates to the power~
No no, it will be new versions of the enemies.

So far the place names for them are "shades"

Remember though, this is only 'one' of the trailers though~

I don't have actual gameplay yet, so this is all just cinimatics


Suits in general

I was not able to copy and paste the quote from the chat, but it was along the lines of, "[Matthew] voice[s] Photo-Negative Mickey and Oswald, Puritysin voices Unknown White Figure, and the former voice actor for Greg now voices Goofy." 


Suits in general

Pluto isn't an actual dog

Hence the trophy


Beta Content

There was a thing I had to scrap that had to deal with a crawling character
Crawling character is a little green figure, but didn't have any importance~


Suicide Mouse

SM is only going to have short little voices. Sadly, this game doesn't have anymore room for voiceactors
He's going to have his original lines just whispered is all


Beta Content

I actually forgot to mention this a long time ago, but Jake was actually suppose to be a girl when I wanted to do the remaster, but I actually forgot to have the dude who voices Greg to change the name Jake into Dohna
I wanted to do a little easter egg thing that when you go down into Pirate Caverns, there'd be a mirror. And once you see it, you can clearly see "oh crackers! He- she's a girl!"


I wanted to make all the shades reference to earlier creepypasta~
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