I abandoned this At Treasure island series 5 months ago (Abandoned by Amir XD),but it's back.

When i woke up,i was in room that looked like a prison cell,i couldn't really tell,it was dark,the door was locked,and the window had bars on it.There was a table in the middle of the room,and there was a head under it,i took the head and it was Daisy Duck's!!! I then heard whispering saying:"Put me on,nothing bad will happen to you......" and i was like hypnotised,i was about to put her head on me,when suddenly....The skull fell from the head!!!! I was then like:"What happened???".Then,from nowhere,PN version of Minnie appeared,her head was a skull like,she then bit me,i feel on the floor,i then saw my only hope.........

End of part 4,part 5 will be relased probabbly next week,bye!!!

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