True story:

So,i got on Spooky's House of Jumpscares wiki and saw that i wasn't loged in,i tried multiple times but the password was incorrect.So to kill time i went to facebook,and i had a message from my friend (i translated it into english):

"Hey,i got into your Wikia account,give me 10 KM if you want it back.Im serious *intense bla bla-ing that i can't write*..."

Luckily,i had 15 KM in my cashy (it saved me for the first timel ol),i gave him money,he apologized,gave me back my account,i changed the password,everything is fine :D

He didn't cause any havoc luckily,turns out his dad forgot the paycheck and his family needed the money,so yeah..pretty much that would be it..

I got my account back yesterday,if you wonder :P

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