During the Left Behind Era of this wiki,almost everyone left.Some managed to stay,some were inactive for a long time but came back (including meh),but some are still inactive,and hell they were kinda known here

These are tributtes to inactive ones ;-;

Cutupuss (Creator of this wiki): December 15th 2014-June 25th 2015.Miss ya :(

Offline4Now (Only Rollback we have) March 27th 2015-June 28th 2015.Miss ya :(

Dragonspiller (Chat Mod and Mod) January 29th 2015-November 10th 2015-Miss ya :(

Gjlewis (Chat Mod) December 19th 2014-July 4th 2015.Miss ya :(

Freddy Fazwolf7 (Chat Mod) February 20th 2015-December 20th 2015.Miss ya :(

Gametime8889 (Mod) January 11th 2015-July 18th 2015.Miss ya :(

Bacon666 (former idk what rank) February 18th 2015-June 11th 2015.Miss ya :(

HedgeDead (Igrabapples,former Chat Mod) December 26th 2014-December 19th 2015.Miss ya :(

TonyPotato (i think he was an rank too..idk) May 18th 2015-May 26th 2016.Miss ya :(

Wyattmars (former Admin,waso ne shortly) January 28th 2015-September 12th 2015.Miss ya :(

LeQuote (formerly Lebunnie,Chat Mod) February 15th 2015-September 20th 2015.Miss ya :(

There are BUNCH of other people i wanted to include,but i couldn't find their accounts :(

The one i wanted to include was called Dlan or something like that,he was a chatmod,i think it was this user: ,not sure tho ./

Well,that would be it.If i missed anyone,well,then i will edit this post...

I miss everyone tbh :-:

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