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Taken from Gamejolt post.

"Hi everyone, this is Nocturnum.

As you can already guess Treasure Island is back (and better than ever)! I can’t wait to show you all what me and the team have in store for you. This is going to be very, very big.

To show off how big this reboot is, I would like to let you all know this is an official reboot of FNaTI. A while back one of the developers of FNaTI 4.0 gave me the OK to label this game as official. At the time I didn’t take that offer up, but i’m going to try it out now. I hope to bring a new face to this game and please all of you. Say hello to the new Five Nights at Treasure Island!

To add onto that, we also have approval from SlimeBeast (The creator of Abandoned by Disney)! I showed him some of the models and told him the story and he overall thought it was pretty neato. People observing development have also said this is like no other FNaTI game they have seen before.

We hope you all are excited as much as we are! Please stay tuned for more updates. We promise to deliver an experience that has been wanted ever since this game was created.

- Nocturnum and the team"