I'm pretty curious about what the new shades will look like, since Matt said each suit will have a shade. I know they will based off of Creepypasta characters (ex: PN Minnie is based off of Jeff the Killer, and PN Mickey is based off of himself). I've seen some comments about what the other shades should look like, such as Pluto being based off of Smile Dog, and Suicide Mouse being based off the point on the orginal  suicidemouse.avi video clip where his face is distorted (not a reference to The Face). I personally think those are pretty good ideas. However, another candidate for Smile Dog could be Goofy, since both he and Pluto are dogs. I have an idea for what The Face's shade could like, and it's based off of some comments I saw about him being based off of Eyeless Jack. Here's what I had in mind: His eyes are gone, and the yellow blood is gushing out of his eye sockets. His mouth is hanging open even more,  his face is rounder, and his ears are pointing downwards a little. I don't know if that would look enough like EJ, but I just thought it would be scary. I don't currently have ideas for the other suits, but I'm sure Matt will do a good job on making a terrifyting shade for him and the others. 

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