Guys do not know how you think you but I can not do more to ignore this game is so nice too that I can not pretend it does not exist! Purity can not delete it just because he lost his cat and his uncle, must also be some other solution as you do not be disappointed by what has happened? That is what I want to say is that the game can not end here, AnArt and Purity have worked hard for this game and can not leave after so much hard work! Please guys do something you will not stand still impaled doing nothing go to the official Wiki and tell Purity should not stand back and that we can do it! Because then I too have lost a parent to less than 2 years, and unfortunately I can not do anything in the official wiki because I was blocked by R3draw Studios for a whole year! So if you can I do not know how I could repay you please at least do it for FNATI!

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