I love this wiki, but sometimes there are just things that make you go "Why? Just... Why?"

7. Blog Posts. Sometimes you lose them midway through writing. Other times, the title's "invalid". The useless Wikia Help Page doesn't help either. Also, why can't I respond to comments on my own post?

6. Chat Spammers. The name says it all. ESPECIALLY YOU, SCRATCHCAT!

5. People with really bad spelling/grammar. If English is your first language, then saying "I is gret yu is bed whet is mecke" is inexcusable.

4. OC's. Nobody cares about your "Totally Original" Photo-Negative Donald. It's not cool, nor is it interesting, nor "Totally Original".

3. HELP, I'M DROWNING IN BADGES! Welcome to the 375th weekly meeting of Badges Anonymous. Today, Carl will be joining us. HI, CARL. John, would you care to Carl your story? Sure thing. I was Badge Addict like you for ten years. I thought I would never get my life back on track. But with the help of Badges Anonymous, I was able to make a full recovery.

2. In-Chat Roleplays. Unless it is not really, REALLY well done (See Mr. Suicide Mouse), then don't do it; it is an easy way to get yourself banned on the chat. Why? Because we don't want a reenactment of your PN Mickey x PN Minnie fanfiction. Speaking of fanfiction...


1. On-site Fanfics. Just save it for, please. Nobody here wants to read your awful ships. (Also, OSWALD x SUICIDE MOUSE IS JUST STUPID! WE ALL KNOW OSWALD x MY OC GAFFY IS THE BEST SHIP EVER!)

B4RN3Y, No. Gaffy isn't, hasn't, and never will be a thing. Just stop.

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