CONJENCTURE: I probably won't make another of these for at least a couple of days. Unless, of course, I have a random epiphany, which is usually the case. Thanks! - The Doctor

                              Theory #3: I See the Light

All of the new pictures that were just released showing off the three new cameras may be holding the secret to something big. Specifically, I am referring to a possible new game mechanic - the Flashlight. Hey, remember the latest version of the Meat Freezer? Remember how there was a circle of illumination? Well, if I am correct, then that is what the Flashlight would do. In the Unknown Cam 3 and the Unknown Cam 2, it is far to dark to realistically make out a suit's presence. Also, if the image of PN Minnie is anything to go by, it would still be dark enough so that Oswald could still maintain his functionality. SPECULATORY NOTE: The Flashlight may not be useable in the office.

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