Here's yet another update on FNaTI: Found.

The cameras and hiding are complete, with the exception of Cam 11. PN Mickey can also move, but his AI is pretty buggy, I have to press a key for him to move, he can only enter the right side of the office, hiding doesn't work on him, and I am just about to put his jumpscare in there.

Also, the original 6AM screen is back! Not the one in the Purity Scammer version but the one in AnArt's version! However, I have to press a key to make this happen.

Don't expect a demo soon though.

I also started an extra menu that will be awarded after Night 8. The suit section will have all of the suits, most using the pictures and the little thing AnArt had which allowed me to make one for Moar Timer/Suicide Mouse.

I would also like to reveal a few of the shades that will be active on Night 8.

PN Mickey: Himself. I'm going to try to make his model as close to the original shade mickey as possible.

Mortimer/Suicide Mouse: I don't know if I should make him based on himself or REALLY HAPPY MOUSE.

The Face: Definitely Eyeless Jack.

Pluto: dot. He talks to meh!!1

PN Minnie: Jeff. Still.

Mickmick and Impure Mouse: Please suggest ideas for these. And yes, Impure Mouse will be an antagonist along with Mickmick on Night 6, with them both acting kinda like Nightmare Fredbear.

EDIT: Also, so far I have been working with CF2.5 and have a game becoming almost exactly like AnArt's version. However, I would like you to answer this question: should I keep using CF2.5 or should I use Gamemaker: Studio?

EDIT 2: OR... could I continue from the original demo and use AnArt's old code from that using Game Maker 8.1?

EDIT 3: The night 1 only code has a different night 1 phone call, but it doesn't play.

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