My idea as a story element in Five Nights at Treasure Island is to include Prince Hans from Frozen. Hans would be like this game's Purple Guy. However, instead of killing children, he sends a fake letter to Anna and Elsa that they won a trip to Treasure Island. The two go to the island and when they're alone, Hans kills them. Kristoff soon finds out about the death of her fiance and goes to the island to find her but gets killed by Hans. 

Hans would also try to kill Jake like the suits are. He can first appear on night 5 in the character prep 2 (Unknown cam 3), then he can go to any camera. If he gets into the office, the player will have to hide under the desk (the player will know when he's in the office when you see a hand with a meat cleaver in it coming from behind the big sign because he'll be hiding behind it).

Also at the end of the game when you beat night 5. there would be a cutscene of Jake running away from Hans. Hans catches up to Jake and jabs the meat cleaver into his head killing him. Hans stands there letting out an divious laugh. Suddenly, Photo Negative Mickey, the Face, and the Unknown White appear and corner Hans. Hans tries to fight back but can't. The Face then lunges at Hans and the cutscene ends (Long story short Hans is dead).

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