There was a breeze.

A breeze that flowed through the windoes of a clean, office building belonging to the SSA. There were also three people, Lisa, Greg, and Henry. Henry was confused, he looked around the office building while Greg and Lisa were typing their logs. They were the leaders, of course, they were serious, Henry decided to leave them alone and drink some tap water. Hours passed one the clock and Lisa and Greg were still on the computer, Henry walked around some more. More hours passed, Henry noticed that the they were done with their logs and stood up. "Uh, hey Henry." Lisa nervously said "We've got a new mission for you, you are an intern, after all." Greg pushed Lisa out of the way and informed Henry. "You're going to Discovery Island, we heard that there is supernatural stuff in there." Greg shoved a flashlight and a Camcorder into Henry's hands. "W-What?" Henry questioned. Greg pointed his finger at the door notifying Henry to get out. Henry scooted out the door and noticed that a boat was in front of him. "The island is to the right." Lisa said. Henry nodded and gave a sigh, he walked to the shore and put the boat down onto the thick water, he grabbed the paddles inside the boat and began paddling on.


Henry has been paddling for hours, he soon saw the island aside him. He gazed at the island with astonishment. The boat bumped into the hard ground of the island, smell of rusting metal filled the air.

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